A Day in the Life of a Bringg Driver
  • 07 Aug 2023
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A Day in the Life of a Bringg Driver

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As a driver using the Bringg Driver App, you can sign up to a shift and see the orders in your route as a list of destinations and breaks.  You also see contact information for each order, extra notes from the consumer or dispatcher and step-by-step instructions to handoff successfully. The Bringg Platform has already optimized your route, and you can navigate turn-by-turn with your favorite map app.

chooses a qualified driver, the most appropriate vehicle, and the most efficient route to fulfill orders. When you get in your vehicle, start your shift and select the first order in your list to launch your navigation app and get started with your route. With the Bringg Driver App, you can spend less time running rings around your service area and spend more time delivering goods on time to happy consumers.

The Bringg Driver App is a mobile app on iOS and Android which extends Bringg's functionality to you, a driver. When dispatchers assign orders or update routes, each appears instantly in the Driver App as a list of destinations, which you can navigate to by launching your preferred navigation app directly from the Driver App, view all order details and instructions, complete handoff actions, and keep dispatchers automatically updated on the progress of your route, such as when traffic causes delays. When you approach a destination or fulfillment center, the Driver App can automatically , triggering automatic notifications to the customer and dispatcher that you are about to arrive, all without you taking your hands off the wheel.

If you see a feature here that you don't find in your app, it may be disabled by your company. Contact your dispatcher to suggest adding it.


The Driver App is designed to be resilient to poor internet connectivity and much of the functionality is available without a reliable cellular or wireless data connection, meaning you can continue with your current assignments even while offline. However, the app must be online intermittently to receive accurate updates, including new order assignments.

If you see the No Internet Connection banner on your device, try to restore connectivity and go to an area with better reception.

Make sure your Driver App is not offline 

Before You Begin

  • Download the app from Google Play, the Apple App Store, or with a link from your employer.
  • Confirm you have reliable communication with your dispatcher and consumers. Learn more.Stay Connected with the Bringg Driver App

A Typical Day

Step 1: Start by accessing the Bringg Driver App, which allowsdrivers to manage all their in one place.

  • Login using your email and password.
  • Login by entering your phone number (with the correct country code) and then selecting Send code via SMS to receive a one-time verification code to that phone number as a text message. Enter the code and select Log In . If you did not receive a code, tap Resend Code.Login via phone number and SMS 
  • If you are next to your dispatcher, you can log in using a QR code which they can display on their screen. To login this way, select Log in with QR code, then hold up your device to capture the QR code in the camera window.

Step 2: (Optional, depending on your setup) You can sign up for shifts in the Driver App, navigate to the side menu and select Delivery Blocks. You can then choose from the delivery blocks that your dispatcher has made available for you. Alternatively, your dispatcher might assign shifts to you directly.

Sign up for shifts (delivery blocks) 

You can save your delivery shifts to your phone's calendar to easily keep track of your schedule by opening the sidebar and selecting Preferences > Save delivery blocks to calendar.

Step 3: Start your shift to accept orders. You can do this by dragging the slider across the screen, or your dispatcher can do this for you on the Bringg Platform.

If you work with multiple teams and your dispatcher has not already assigned you to a team, you can choose the one you want to work with directly after starting your shift.

Select your team for this shift


Step 4: View or accept your order assignments.

Your dispatcher may directly assign you a list of orders or send you assignment suggestions that you can choose to accept or reject.


Do this...

View the list of your order assignments

All orders assigned to you appear on the main screen of the Driver App. New orders often arrive as a popup on your device, and usually you confirm that you saw it.

Accept an assignment

Tap on the order and then select Accept or Reject.

Accept an order


For drivers whose dispatcher directly assign orders, tap the button to confirm you saw it. You can also postpone an order, pause all assignments, and take breaks while on shift. Learn more.Take a Break During My Shift

Step 5: As a driver, you can quickly complete every step of the pickup and dropoff process in the Bringg Driver App by following the on-screen instructions, like picking up goods, confirming handoffs with a signature, or taking a photo or scanning a barcode for contactless collection.

If you are using an Android phone, you can quickly scan multiple barcodes using Fast Scan.


Do this...

Navigate to a destination

You can launch your preferred navigation app from the Driver App.

  1. Select Start Pickup or Start Dropoff.
  2. To automatically launch the navigation app every time you start a task, select Yes.
  3. Select your preferred navigation app.
Select your preferred navigation app


The Driver App automatically integrates with Google Maps, Apple Maps (iOS only), and Waze. If you want to use CoPilot GPS (Android only), which offers safe routes for trucks and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), ask your manager to add it.

Set up a default navigation app

To automatically launch your preferred navigation app when heading to a destination, go to the sidebar and select Preferences > Navigate to destination > Yes. Then go to Preferences > Navigation app and select one of the navigation apps already on your phone to set it as default.

Set up a default navigation app

Rearrange the orders in your list

Tap and hold on an order, then drag up or down. Release when the order is in the right position.

Pick up goods at your pickup site

Select Start Pickup > Arrived, complete the handoff, then select Complete Pickup.

Complete a handoff (pickup or dropoff)

Handoffs to consumers sometimes require a photo or signature:

Add a handoff signature or photo


  • With a signature: tap Add Signature and sign with your finger in the signature window, then tap Add Signature. If needed, tap Clear Signature to start again.
  • With a photo: Tap Take Photo and take a snapshot. You can choose not to share the photo with the customer by deselecting the checkbox below the camera window.

Notify the customer you are on the way by SMS or phone

Your organization may have configured Bringg to automatically contact the consumer at various points along the delivery process, such as when you approach their address or if you arrive after the scheduled time window.

As a fallback, you can call or send an SMS to the customer by selecting the phone or message icon next to their name in the order window.

Contact the customer


Communicate with your dispatcher

To send a message to your dispatcher regarding a specific order, select the chat icon in the order page to open the chat window. Your dispatcher will receive the message along with the order number so they can quickly access the information you need.

To call or chat with your dispatcher, navigate to the sidebar and select Messages or Call Dispatch.

Contact your dispatcher


 Updates from dispatchers arrive as notifications inside the Driver App or on your lock screen.

Step 6: Drivers can take scheduled breaks or pause incoming assignments to take an unexpected break, such as if you need to fix a flat tire or assist another driver with a delivery. Learn more. Take a Break During My Shift

Do not use the silent or do not disturb (DND) settings on your device. This completely cuts you off from communication with the Bringg servers, which may interfere with your workflow.

While you are on break and unavailable, the following occurs automatically:

  • Bringg does not assign orders to you.
  • Your status appears as on break or unavailable in Bringg , but your dispatcher can still assign orders to you manually.
  • Your dispatcher can see your location in The Bringg Platform.

Step 7: To end your shift, open the sidebar and select End Shift.

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