Set Up Service Plans
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Set Up Service Plans

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Add Variations to Your Order Flows Using Service Plans. You can use service plans to respond to specific fulfillment scenarios. Once you create service plans, implement them in your order flows to assign orders to the right carrier and drivers, set the order's priority, and automatically schedule deliveries at the right time.

For example, you can create a service plan called Installation and configure it to automatically let drivers know what installation services you committed to the customer, update the order's estimated time on site, and add a driver action to submit proof of installation before check out.

Before You Begin

  • Confirm you have a Bringg user of type Admin.
  • Make a list of your service plans that considers any service level agreements SLAs  you want to incorporate in your fulfillment strategy.
  • (Optional) Ask your IT integrator for the external IDs of the service plans you are adding to Bringg, to minimize updates to payloads .


Step 1: To access service plans in Bringg, go to Settings > Merchant Configuration > SERVICE PLANS.

Access the Service Plans


Step 2: To add a new service plan, select New Service Plan and enter all mandatory fields.

Add a new service plan





Enter the name you use for this service plan in your APIs.

Choose a name that is easily recognized by dispatchers and ops managers when assigning and implementing automations, such as VIP or Installation.

External ID

(Optional) Enter the ID that you use for this service plan in your other systems.

Task configuration

(Optional) Select the driver actions and estimated time on site (TOS) that are required for this service plan. Learn more.


(Optional) Select the branding that orders with this service plan should use in your communication with consumers.

Step 3: To implement your service plan, select Save, or Save & Create New to add additional service plans.

Step 4: Add your service plans to your fulfillment logic.


Do this...

Add service plan to new orders

Ask your IT integrator to update your APIs to include the service plan IDs.

Take note of the service plan ID


Automatically update the details or status of orders with this service plan.

Add a service plan as a trigger or condition for an automation.

For example, you can automatically update any order with a VIP service plan to a high rank to change its priority (coming soon).

Learn more (coming soon).

Add a service plan as a condition for the carrier selector.

Add the service plan as an attribute in a delivery terms.

For example, assign orders with a same-day delivery service plan only to carriers that can guarantee delivery in that time frame.

Learn more.

Step 5: Inform your sysadmin of any service plans you add so that they can update the relevant APIs, including the service plan name and ID.

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