Set Up Delivery Terms
  • 14 Jun 2023
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Set Up Delivery Terms

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Article Summary

You can add terms of delivery to define when Bringg should consider using specific carriers or driver from your Own Fleet  for each order, to ensure it aligns with your overall strategy by using the most efficient and cheapest option for each circumstance. You can expand your business any time by adding to your list of carriers which would Bringg consider for any order, by adding more carriers from our catalog (learn more).

If you have agreements with multiple carriers, enter the terms of delivery for each provider. For example, you might want to use one carrier for fragile lightweight orders in the city center, while another might be best for all fragile orders in the northern suburbs.

Then Bringg’s carrier selector can assign each order to the preferred carriers according to your strategy.

Auto-choose the best carrier by entering delivery terms which reflect your strategy


For each carrier, you can create as many terms as you need, each describing a circumstance when you would use that provider. Each term can contain multiple conditions.

Bringg evaluates a carrier afresh for every order. It qualifies the carrier if at least one of the terms are True . But within a single term, all its conditions must be True.

Define the required conditions for each delivery term


You can independently tweak your strategy at any time, by quickly enabling or disabling a delivery term. For example, if a specific condition doesn't apply on weekends, you can easily tell Bringg to ignore that term, and then engage it again on Monday morning.

Before You Begin

  • Confirm you have a Bringg user of type Admin.
  • Check that you have signed contracts and are connected with the carrier. Learn more.
  • Be clear on the conditions when Bringg should consider a carrier as a viable provider for each order. For example, after analyzing report data which shows a carrier's strengths and weaknesses, you may want to tweak their terms of delivery to serve only in cases where their performance is strongest.


Step 1: Open Delivery Hub > My Delivery Providers from your navigation bar.

Access the terms of delivery for each carrier


Step 2: Select a carrier or your Own Fleet  from the side panel to set the terms of choosing this provider.

Step 3: Select Delivery Terms in the sub tabs associated with the carrier you selected.

Step 4: Select Edit  to change the title of a delivery term.

We recommend giving a meaningful title to each term to easily identify it, like City center lightweight. By default, each new term is called Delivery Term.

Edit the title of a delivery term


Step 5: Select Add Delivery Term to define a situation when you want to use this carrier.

Create a new delivery term for this carrier


Step 6: Add a new condition inside a delivery term by selecting Add Attribute  and choosing a parameter.

Enter the required value of that parameter for this condition to be True . It can be at the level of an order (like the order's store name), inventory (like fragile goods), or consumer (like zipcode).

For example, select Service Plan and enter the name of the plan required to qualify this provider for orders with that plan.

Add an attribute and its required value to a delivery term


Add as many conditions as needed for this delivery term. If you don't see the parameter you need, contact your Bringg customer service representative.

Configure the details of this term of delivery.


Do this...

Add further conditions inside this delivery term

Select Add Attribute  .

Temporarily disable (not remove) an entire delivery term

Select Enable/Disable  to temporarily remove or add a term of delivery for this carrier.

Use this toggle to fine tune your delivery strategy. For example, to remove a condition on weekends, you can independently disable and enable it whenever you need.

Remove a condition within a single delivery term

Select Delete  at the level of the condition within the term.

Remove an entire delivery term (with all its conditions)

Select Delete  at the level of the entire term of delivery.

Step 8: Select Save.

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