Assign On Demand Orders for Fulfillment
  • 18 Oct 2023
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Assign On Demand Orders for Fulfillment

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Article Summary

Bringg can automatically schedule and assign on demand orders to a driver or Carrier using AutoDispatch (AD) or carrier selector, ensuring every order arrives on time.

You may need to assign some orders manually in response to changes on the ground. For example, if a driver needs to take an unexpected break or Bringg was not able to find an available carrier. You can also reschedule an order for a later time if, for example, you need more time to prepare the items.

Before You Begin

  • Confirm you have a user of type dispatcher (or admin).
If you can't find a feature, ask your admin to add it or give you access by changing your permissions.
  • Set up alerts for situations that may require manual assignment. For example, if an order must leave the fulfillment center soon to arrive on time but the assigned driver did not pick it up yet. Learn more.


Step 1: Open Bringg and navigate to Planning, Dispatch > List, or Dispatch > Map.

Open Planning or Dispatch


Step 2: Confirm the order requires manual assignment by monitoring alerts or checking the relevant column.

Bringg may take a few minutes to find the best driver or carrier for an order. We recommend only manually assigning orders that Bringg could not assign, to ensure on time delivery.

  • Monitor the alerts that appear on Dispatch and Planning.
    Your ops manager can set up alerts that notify you if there is an issue that prevents Bringg from assigning an order. Learn more.
You can also search for an alert for the order you are concerned about. For example, if you notice an order is unassigned and did not see the alert pop up.

View alerts to identify orders that need manual assignment


  • (Own Fleet only) Check for the Failed status in the AD Status column.
    Check the AD Status column




Waiting for Dispatch

Bringg will consider this order soon. This is the default status for new orders.

In Process

AutoDispatch is currently looking for a driver for this order.


AutoDispatch found a driver for this order. The assigned driver's name appears in the Assigned To column.


Bringg can not find a driver qualified to deliver this order. For example, there is no available driver with the required skills.

Manually assign orders with a Failed or Dispatched status only to take full advantage of Bringg's assignment engine.

Step 3: Manually reschedule or assign an order to a driver or carrier.


Do this...

(Own Fleet only) Assign an order to a driver.

Select the order's row in the Assign To column to open the list of drivers.

Manually assign a driver


You can also assign a driver from the order page. Access the list of drivers by selecting driver, then enter a driver's name or choose from the list.
Assign a driver in the order page


(Own Fleet only) Assign an order to a vehicle.

Assign a different driver, as detailed in this article.

For on demand orders, drivers usually work with the same designated vehicle. For example, if an order includes perishable items select a driver working with a refrigerated truck.

(Delivery Hub only) Assign an order to a carrier.

Learn more.

Reschedule an order.

(Coming soon) Learn more.

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