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A route is a sequence of destinations from one or more orders. Bringg can automatically create routes by calculating the fastest and most efficient route which fulfills the orders. Bringg can also help you assign the most appropriate vehicle and the driver with the correct skills to complete the order.

There are two types of routes:

  • A planned route is a route containing planned orders that you create in advance, either manually or using route optimization. For example, you can run route optimization every day at 10pm so that drivers can start their routes when they start their shifts the next morning.

  • An on demand route is a route which contains on demand orders that you create on the fly by using Autodispatch (AD), which continuously and automatically assigns orders to a team's drivers, vehicles, and routes. Common examples are deliveries for restaurants, grocery and pharmacy stores, or roadside assistance.

After you dispatch the orders in a route, drivers receive their route in their Driver App as a series of destinations, each with their associated order which they pick up or hand off to the consumer.