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Traffic integration is a premium tool you can add to Bringg to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your routes, estimated arrival times (ETA), estimated leaving time (ETL), and driver selection.

Use traffic integration to optimize routes more effectively
Figure 2. Use traffic integration to optimize routes more effectively

Traffic integration adds maps, data, and other services that consider anticipated and real time traffic for specific dates and times as well as road hazards and restrictions to help you:

  • Allocate and sequence orders and assign drivers for maximum efficiency within a planned route.

    For example, with traffic integration Bringg may sequence adriver's deliveries from north to south, if northbound traffic will be heavier at the scheduled time.

  • Share more precise real time ETAs with your consumers who use the Bringg consumer page to keep them informed of any delays early on. For example, let them know when you first pick up their order from the fulfillment center that you will reach them later than planned due to predicted traffic delays.

  • Locate and assign the closest drivers to respond to on demand orders by leveraging the data and maps to know exactly which driver can get to the destination the quickest, even if geographically they may be further away.