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Enhanced Custom Alerts

With Bringg’s enhanced custom alerts, you can create a wider range of alerts, giving you greater visibility and control over the order fulfillment process. Create targeted alerts whenever there are changes in a field value, an event (like when a consumer rejects an order), or the timing of an order.

For example, you can set up a low severity alert that notifies dispatchers when an order is 30 minutes late to its final destination, and a high urgency alert for orders that are further delayed.

To access customizeable alerts in Bringg, select Settings > Alerts. Learn more.Set Up Alerts

Driver App Addons

As part of Bringg’s drive to increase self-service and enhance the driver experience, the new Driver App Addons feature enables you to expand the functionality of the Driver App using your own webpages, services, and operational approach. You can set these actions in the order flow, like other driver actions, as either optional or mandatory.

For example, you can allow drivers to take payments, or scan an ID.

To access the Addon feature in Bringg navigate to Settings > Driver App > Actions > Configuration > Choose Action and select Open Webpage. Learn more.Set Up Driver Actions in Order Flows

Help Portal Subscriptions

As part of our self-service drive, you can now receive emails whenever a help article updates on Bringg’s help site. For example, subscribe to see every update to the release notes of theBringg Driver App.

To subscribe to an article, access the help site at help.bringg.com, search or select an article from the home page, and then select the Subscribe button on the top right of the screen. Enter your email and password to receive updates to that address whenever the article changes.

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