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Hybrid Delivery Network

Bringg has improved the flexibility of our assignment engines, allowing you to utilize a hybrid delivery network. Bringg can now choose the cheapest or preferred option to deliver each order, by automatically assigning it to either a third party delivery provider or a driverfrom your Own Fleet, enabling you to extend your delivery coverage and minimize costs.


Set up your Own Fleet in Delivery Terms, Rate Cards, and the Fleet Router starting December 5, 2022. Learn more.Manage Your Delivery Network with Bringg's Delivery Hub

Date Spanning Routes

Bringg's route optimization now supports routes spanning two calendar days, enabling you to accurately plan routes for overnight and early morning delivery times.


Learn more about setting date spanning delivery blocks here, and creating an overnight route, here.

Contact your Bringg customer service representative to create routes spanning up to 24 hours across two days.

Traffic Integration

Bringg now offers traffic integration to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your routes, estimated arrival times (ETA), anddriver selection.

This premium tool considers anticipated and real time traffic for specific dates and times as well as road hazards and restrictions to help you:

  • Allocate tasks, assign driver, and sequence orders for maximum efficiency within a planned route.

  • Share more precise real time ETAs with your consumers.

  • Locate and assign the closest drivers to respond to on-demand orders.

For example, with traffic integration Bringg may sequence adriver's deliveries from north to south, if northbound traffic will be heavier at the scheduled time.


Contact your Bringg customer service representative to learn more about pricing and how you can start using traffic integration. Learn more.

BI Dashboard Catalog

Bringg’s enhanced BI Dashboard now offers a robust catalog of widgets to help you better monitor and streamline your operations.  Select the widgets with the data you most need to see, and add them to your dashboard for at-a-glance visibility.

For example, to monitor driver efficiency, choose the widgets that track on-time arrival rates, deliveries per hour, and time on site (TOS) of drivers at the delivery location. Use the data to identify gaps in efficiency and make necessary adjustments to your teams.