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Choose the Cheapest Carrier with Rate Cards

The new Rate Cards feature helps you cut costs by allowing Bringg to automatically select the cheapest carrier for every order. When you enter the financial terms of your Bringg contract as rate cards, Bringg calculates the cost of each order across all your carriers, and then automatically chooses the cheapest carrier every time.

You can access rate cards in the Bringg Platform directly from the navigation sidebar, by selecting Delivery Hub > Rate Cards, starting October 20, 2022. Learn more.Set Up Calculation of carrier Costs with Rate Cards

Improved Access to Bringg Delivery Hub

Bringg's new Delivery Hub menu item in the navigation bar helps you grow your business by making it easy for those with the right privileges to add carriers, set carrier strategy, predict carrier costs, and check billing details.

Now anyone can browse the carrier catalog and recommend new carriers that suit your needs.

Access the Delivery Hub menu from any screen in the Bringg Platform starting October 1, 2022. Learn more.Add your Delivery Strategy to Bringg

Improved Route Optimization

Bringg's route optimization (RO) has a number of improvements in efficiency and cost savings.

  • Multi-day Optimization: Dispatchers can now build optimized routes not just for the next day, but for the next seven days, which means lower costs, better resource planning, and more visibility going forward.

  • Optimize by Vehicles and Drivers: Dispatchers can now optimize routes by considering the availability of vehicles, not just drivers. To support this, you can now also assign vehicles to a delivery block (shift) and set their start and end location for that block, so that any driver can sign up for a shift which uses a specific vehicle.

  • Fresh Optimization Wizard for Dispatchers: The new optimization wizard has a fresh look to make it easier to schedule routes by assigning or unassigning any resources (vehicles or drivers) to the route.

    You can access the new route optimization from October 2022 in the Dispatch or Planning pages. Select the orders you want to fulfill, then select Optimize > Optimize Selected. Learn more.Create Routes for Planned Orders (with Route Optimization)

Customize the Look and Feel of the Analytics Dashboard

As part of our drive for self-service and to save costs, Bringg's Analytics Dashboard offers more visibility over your fulfillment data, with a new look and feel, and a customizeable layout. Improved filters enable you to quickly seethe data that is most important to you.

For example, place the widget that displays the number of total fulfilled orders at the top of the screen to quickly see if you are reaching your KPIs, and use the comparison filter to determine the impact of marketing campaigns by comparing sales before and after.


The new BI Dashboard is available as of October 3, 2022.

Coming later this year:

  • Choose from a catalog of more than 40 widgets and add your own.

  • Create customized dashboard tabs to monitor different KPIs, such as team performance, driver ratings, and the success of your delivery network.

Learn more.Keep Track of KPIs with the Analytics Dashboard