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Use Bringg Click & Collect as an integral part of your omnichannel experience, enabling consumers to collect goods from a designated collection point, like inside a store, on the curbside, or from a secured locker. Click & Collect connects consumers with store associates in real-time to promote efficient store operations leading to exceptional customer collection experiences.

To offer consumers to collect goods from a store or a locker, our customer experience page and Store App work together to to create an easy pickup experience for your consumers, by automatically recognizing their arrival, and sending them to the correct pickup spot. Bringg also supports consumers staying in their car, notifying store associates of their parking location so the goods can be brought directly to their vehicle. You can maintain a digital proof of delivery at handoff and, of course, gather customer feedback.

Use Click & Collect for seamless in-store pickups.
Figure 1. Use Click & Collect for seamless in-store pickups.

Your store staff can use the Bringg Store App to view of all upcoming consumer arrivals and order details, track progress with dynamically updated arrival times, and prepare the order on time to reduce waiting and congestion. By syncing with your inventory and retail management systems we can determine pickup availability, enabling you to offer flexible pickup options to your consumers at checkout, selecting their preferred pickup location and time, based on your real-time availability. You can even suggest nearby alternate locations with better pickup times to ease congestion and improve your customer experience. For greater privacy, consumers can also report their arrival with a single tap.