Adjust Routes for Planned Orders (with the Route Planner)

Dispatcher Guide


You can make targeted changes to an optimized route, like adding unassigned orders to a specific point in a route, using the route planner.

For example, you may run route optimization each evening to prepare the warehouse staff and vehicles for the next day, but you allow some VIP consumers to continue placing orders. The next morning, you can check the location of any new orders using the route planner map, so you can locate a route running nearby. Then add each new order to a route in the correct place using the timeline. Send the routes to dispatch, and continue adding VIP orders as they come in, to fulfill all orders together.


You could change your routes by running route optimization again, but that would create a completely different set of routes.

Each time you run route optimization on the same group of orders you may well receive a different result, as there are multiple ways to organize the same group of orders into efficient routes. Instead of reshuffling all orders each time, build on your existing plans by making focused changes where they are required using the route planner.

Use the route planner to:

  • Move all unassigned orders in a team to a route, such as last minute orders or orders Bringg could not assign automatically.

    If you feel that too many orders are not assigned, discuss changing the route optimization settings with your ops manager.

  • Move an order from one route to another, for example, if one driver is delayed during their route you can move some of their orders to another driver whose route runs nearby.

  • Change the sequence of orders in a route, for example, if a consumer requested their order be delivered a bit earlier than scheduled.

  • Unassign an order from a route, for example, if a consumer requests an order be delivered on another day.

  • View routes per date within a range of dates when using multi day optimization. Learn more.

Make targeted changes to a planned route
Figure 1. Make targeted changes to a planned route

Before You Begin

  • Confirm you have a user of type dispatcher (or admin).

  • Generate optimized routes for planned orders. Learn more.


  1. Open Bringg and navigate to:

    • Planning to adjust routes before you dispatch them.

    • Dispatch > List to adjust active routes.


    Access the route planner right after running route optimization, by selecting Preview. Learn more

  2. Select at least one route you wish to change and any unassigned orders you want to assign.

    We recommend selecting all routes belonging to a team, so you have the entire picture when making your changes. To easily select entire routes, select Group by on the upper right corner and choose any option that includes Route.

    Each time you open the route planner, you can only include routes and orders belonging to a single team and schedules for the same day. If you are working with more than one team, group the orders by any option that includes Team. We recommend using Team & Route to easily select entire routes that belong to a single team.