Cancel an Order in Bringg

Dispatcher Guide


You can cancel orders that you will not fulfill, to remove them from your work plan. For example, if a consumer calls to cancel their purchase before the items leave the fulfillment center.

If a consumer is not available to receive the order, or refuses to receive some or all of the items, when the driver arrives, the driver can register this using the Driver App. Bringg can then prompt the driver to return the items to the fulfillment center and schedule a new delivery, if needed.


Occasionally, an order may be fulfilled but not reported as fulfilled by the driver in Bringg, you can mark that order as complete yourself to remove it from the upcoming work plan.

You can view canceled orders in the History page, if you need details on these orders later.

Before You Begin

Confirm you have a user of type dispatcher (or admin).


If you can't find a feature, ask your ops manager to add it or give you access by changing your permissions.


  1. Open Bringg and navigate to Planning , or Dispatch > List.

    Access the Dispatch or Planning page
    Figure 1. Access the Dispatch or Planning page

  2. Select the orders you want to remove.

    You can find a specific order or filter orders with a certain detail. Learn more.

    Select the order
    Figure 2. Select the order

  3. Select More Actions > Cancel Orders to remove the order from your work plan.

    Remove the order
    Figure 3. Remove the order


    You can also cancel an order by accessing its page then selecting Actions > Cancel.