Delivery Hub

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Use the Bringg Delivery Hub to seamlessly connect to the world’s leading carriers while maintaining full visibility and control of your operations and customer experiences. This means that you can easily manage your personalized network of carriers like a natural extension of your own business. With Bringg, your consumers see your brand at every delivery touchpoint, from checkout through to receiving their deliveries on the customer experience page, even when you use carriers. Browse our carrier network spanning hyper-local, parcel, white-glove, big and bulky, and green fleets (to name a few); then choose the provider which fits your needs best.

For example, set up Bringg to offer express installation orders first to your local green carrier, but if they are not available, offer the order to one of two carriers that provide installation services, whichever can reach the consumer fastest. At the end of the month, see how many orders each of the carriers delivered, and adjust your contracts accordingly.