About the Bringg Delivery Hub

Integrations Guide

IT Integrations

Use the Bringg Delivery Hub to seamlessly connect to the world’s leading carriers while maintaining full visibility and control of your operations and customer experiences. This means that you can easily manage your personalized network of carriers like a natural extension of your own business. With Bringg, your consumers see your brand at every delivery touchpoint, from checkout through to receiving their deliveries on the customer experience page, even when you use carriers. Browse our carrier network spanning hyper-local, parcel, white-glove, big and bulky, and green fleets (to name a few); then choose the provider which fits your needs best.

Figure 1. About the Delivery Hub

Carrier Network

Use the carrier catalog (network) to expand your delivery coverage and service by finding the right carrier. Compare hundreds of large carriers and crowdsourced last milecarriers to find those that fit your geographic area, service requirements, workflow, and more. Bringg can automatically assign the best provider for each order, in line with your delivery strategy.

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Choose from hundreds of carriers from our catalog
Figure 2. Choose from hundreds of carriers from our catalog

Bringg's Fleet Router

Set up Bringg's fleet router to automatically assign the best carrier for each order, in line with your business priorities and delivery strategy.

Using the fleet router saves dispatchers valuable time and guarantees the best service for you and your consumers when working with multiple carriers.

For each order, Bringg checks the ETA or delivery price offered by each carrier, which can vary by the delivery distance, dimensions of the goods, or additional services included in the order. Bringg then automatically offers the order to each carrier, starting with the cheapest or fastest, until one accepts the order. Alternately, Bringg can offer order assignments to carriers according to a predefined sequence.

For example, always offer orders first to your preferred local carrier, but if they are not available, offer the order to one of two other carriers, whichever can deliver the order fastest.

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Figure 3. About the Fleet Router

When you enter your delivery strategy into Bringg, you describe the types of orders which would use one carrier over another. Learn more.Add your Delivery Strategy to Bringg