Route optimization (RO)

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Run Bringg's route optimization (RO) to reduce costs by organizing your orders into the fastest, most efficient planned routes, where each order arrives at its destination within its designated time window. If you have an Own Fleet, RO can also assign each route to a vehicle or driver who is available at that time and has the correct skills to fulfill the orders. You can configure RO with preferences like the maximum length of a route, the time on site (TOS), the time to load the vehicle, predicted and real time traffic patterns, and so on.

For example, you can ask to set route optimization (RO) to limit the number of destinations on a route, or to use the minimum number of vehicles in a route.

Each time you run route optimization on the same group of orders you may well receive a different result, as there are multiple ways to organize the same group of orders into efficient routes. Instead of reshuffling all orders each time, build on your existing plans by making focused changes where they are required using the route planner.

You can run RO manually or automatically at set days and times, for select teams or across the entire organization.

On demand orders typically use AutoDispatch (AD) instead.