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You can draw service areas on a map in Bringg, or use a list of zip codes, to define your distribution network. Orders that arrive in Bringg are sent to the team or carrier responsible for the service area of the order's destinations.

You can assign drivers to a specific service area within your delivery scope. This way, drivers can be familiar with their specific area, or remain nearby a specific area.

You can also use service areas to separate regions on the map to align with your business practices. For example, you might have a different delivery speed, price, or availability in some areas based on their distance from your fulfillment center. You can do this in Bringg by defining rules for each service area.

A fulfillment center can have multiple service areas, but a single service area can also belong to several fulfillment centers. For example, you might want to share a service area when your inventory is split among several warehouses, or when you need to recruit drivers from another location to assist with high demand.