Order flow

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An order flow defines all the stages of fulfillment from when an order enters Bringg to when the order is completed or cancelled.

You can define order flows for different types of goods and consumers to fit your company's policy. These flows can determine who prepares the order, its time window, and the driver actions to complete fulfillment.

If you mark a step as mandatory, the flow cannot proceed until the driver starts and completes this step. For example, you may define a separate flow for prescription medicines to require a signature at handoff.

Building order flows includes all eventualities, including defining the steps for drivers if goods are damaged. Or, if you work mostly with Own Fleet, you may need a spillover plan to assign orders to carriers during high volume periods.

The Bringg Driver App can prompt drivers to perform driver actions for any order, or only those which have certain types of goods. It can suggest to perform these actions at the start of a shift, at the end, or during handoff (after check-in or before checkout).

You can add variations to your order flows using service plans in order to offer consumers different levels of service. For example, a basic plan may assign default delivery slots, while over the threshold plans may offer consumers faster fulfillment, or the option to choose a specific arrival date or time.