About Bringg Own Fleet
  • 04 Jul 2023
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About Bringg Own Fleet

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Use the Own Fleet product when you have your own drivers and vehicles which can fulfill your last mile requirements. Your dispatchers can use Bringg to assign the best drivers with the most appropriate vehicles to the most efficient route.

The Bringg Platform accompanies the entire order flow and fulfillment process

A route is a sequence of destinations from one or more orders. Bringg can automatically create routes by calculating the fastest and most efficient route which fulfills the orders. Bringg can also help you assign the most appropriate vehicles and the driver with the correct skills to complete the order.

About Route Optimization and AutoDispatch

Run Bringg's route optimization (RO) to reduce costs by organizing your orders into the fastest, most efficient planned route, where each order arrives at its destination within its designated time window. If you have an Own Fleet, RO can also assign each route to a vehicle or driver who is available at that time, and has the correct skills to fulfill the orders. You can configure RO with preferences like the maximum length of a route, the time on site (TOS), the time to load the vehicle, predicted and real time traffic patterns, and so on.

Use Bringg's route optimization to create efficient routes


To find out more about Bringg's route optimization, learn more.

AutoDispatch (AD) continuously and automatically assigns orders  to a team: drivers, vehicles, creating quick ad-hoc routes as orders come in. AD enables you to prioritize efficiency, by automatically batching orders together, while adhering to very short SLAs.

Bringg typically uses AD when you have an Own Fleet fulfilling on demand orders, such as deliveries for restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies, or roadside assistance.

About Planned Routes

A planned route is a route containing planned orders that you create in advance, either manually or using route optimization. For example, you can run route optimization every day at 10pm so that drivers can start their routes when they start their shifts the next morning.

For example, you can ask to set route optimization (RO) to limit the number of destinations on a route, or to use the minimum number of vehicles in a route.

About Bringg Driver App

As a driver using the Bringg Driver App, you can sign up to a shift and see the in your route as a list of destinations  and breaks, with contact information for each order, extra notes from the consumer or dispatcher and step-by-step instructions to handoff successfully. The Bringg Platform has already , and you can navigate turn-by-turn with your favorite map app.

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