Manage Your Delivery Network with Bringg's Delivery Hub
  • 17 Aug 2023
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Manage Your Delivery Network with Bringg's Delivery Hub

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Manage your network of carriers, to ensure excellent, on time service for you and your consumers. Set up Bringg's carrier selector to automatically assign the best carrier for an order, in line with your business priorities and delivery strategy. Predict costs accurately using rate cards, and use reports and dashboards to track your KPIs.

For example, set up Bringg to offer express installation orders first to your local green carrier, but if they are not available, offer the order to one of two carriers that provide installation services, whichever can reach the customer fastest. At the end of the month, see how many orders each of the carriers delivered, and adjust your contracts accordingly.

You can also implement a hybrid delivery network, by working with your Own Fleet and carriers. Bringg can then choose the cheapest or preferred option to deliver each order, by automatically assigning it to either a third party carrier or a driver from your Own Fleet.

Configure Bringg to automatically assign a carrier to an order

Before You Begin

  • Confirm you have a Bringg user of type Admin.
  • Find and connect to carriers for each of your locations and fulfillment offerings, using the Delivery Provider Catalog. Learn more.
  • (Hybrid delivery network only) Set up your Own Fleet.


Step 1: (hybrid delivery network only) Include your Own Fleet as an option in the delivery hub features by selecting your username > Settings > Merchant Configuration > Web User Interface > Enable hybrid delivery network > Update.

A hybrid delivery network builds elasticity into your Own Fleet by adding third party carriers to deliver certain orders, to increase your delivery coverage and save costs. For example, you may use a carrier to deliver in areas with low order volumes or to deliver short, on demand orders so your drivers can focus on more complicated deliveries.

Currently, if you enable a hybrid delivery network, Bringg can choose between carriers according price or a list of carrier's ranked by priority, but not by speed of delivery.
Enable hybrid delivery network 

Step 2: Add your delivery strategy to Bringg, so it can automatically qualify a carrier for each order, while making sure it aligns with your overall strategy.

If you have agreements with multiple carriers, enter the terms of delivery for each provider. For example, you might want to use one carrier for fragile lightweight orders in the city center, while another might be best for all fragile orders in the northern suburbs.

To enter your delivery strategy for each carrier, learn more.

Bringg finds the carriers qualified to deliver the order


Step 3: Calculate your delivery costs with Bringg's rate cards, to ensure accurate cost estimation and invoicing.

Rate cards calculate an estimate of the delivery price according to your contract with each carrier, allowing calculations that are more personalized and granular than standard carrier quotes.

Bringg's carrier selector uses rate cards or carrier quotes to determine which qualified carrier can deliver an order at the lowest cost.

To set up rate cards, learn more.

Bringg calculates the exact cost of delivering each order


Step 4: Set up Bringg's carrier selector to automatically assign the best carrier for each order, in line with your business priorities and delivery strategy.

Using the carrier selector saves dispatchers valuable time and guarantees the best service for you and your consumers when working with multiple carriers.

To set up the carrier selector, learn more.

Bringg automatically assigns the order to the best carrier


Step 5: Confirm you are achieving your fulfillment goals with your carriers.

  • Review the number of orders delivered by each carrier each month with Bringg carrier reports. Learn more
    Gain insights with carrier reports


  • Keep an eye on each carrier's on time rate and customer rating with Bringg dashboards. Learn more.
  • Track delivery costs and compare Bringg's estimate with the invoices you receive from your carrier, find payment information about completed orders, and export data to share with colleagues.
    To view this data, go to Delivery Hub > Billing.
Track your KPIs and trends using reports and dashboards


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