Release Notes: Android Bringg Driver App
  • 06 Nov 2023
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Release Notes: Android Bringg Driver App

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The Bringg Driver App for Android is under constant development and maintenance to improve its features and functionality.

Driver App v1.41.0 (Android)

November 6, 2023

Release Notes Description


The Driver App now has an improved look and feel with more intuitive interface in the history screen. This aligns the user experience with iOS App2.


You can now structure your drivers' time more effectively by having them pick up clustered orders before fulfilling any other orders in their route, whether or not the delivery of the clustered orders have lower priority in the route. Contact your Bringg representative to enable this feature for your drivers.


The Driver App now helps drivers avoid confusion when delivering orders with only a single inventory item, by disabling the option to partially reject an order.

Driver App v1.36.0 (Android)

May 14, 2023

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The Driver App now supports Azure SSO for driver login security.

Driver App v1.35.1 (Android)

April 27, 2023

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The driver app now supports the Kinyarwanda (rw) language.

Driver App v1.34.1 (Android)

March 19, 2023

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 Bringg now offers greater visibility and control by requiring your drivers using the Driver App to set the necessary location permissions before beginning a shift. This ensures better tracking, improving both performance and analytics. If their permissions are not already set properly, drivers using any device will see the permission requirement notification.

Driver App v1.34.0 (Android)

March 15, 2023

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You can now choose the compression ratio for images sent through the Driver App, enabling you to balance preserving image quality v. storage concerns.

Driver App v1.33.0 (Android)

February 23, 2023

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Drivers using the Driver App can now select a reason for rejecting an order assignment from a menu that appears automatically after opting to reject. For example, depending on the configuration, the menu may include reasons like "Too far away" or "Car broke down."    

Driver App v1.31.0 (Android)

December 25, 2022

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Bringg removed the need to select complete order twice when mandatory actions are required on clutered orders, for improved driver experience.

Driver App v1.30.0 (Android)

November 22, 2022

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Drivers can now copy content from any field in the Driver App by selecting the text > Copy. For example, a driver can transfer a customer's details from Bringg to a non-integrated payment app.

Driver App v1.29.0 (Android)

November 08, 2022

Release Notes Description


Bringg now makes it easier for drivers to select the reason for an order's cancellation in the Driver App by displaying the list of reasons in alphabetical order.


When viewing an order's details in the Driver App, drivers can now expand the size of the map to take up more screen space, and they can zoom in and out by pinching on the map to see more details.


There is a new, unified look and feel for Driver App notifications and status updates.

Driver App v1.28.1 (Android)

Sep 20, 2022

Release Notes Description


Destinations on routes now show on Maps with their exact location.

Driver App v1.28 (Android)

Sep 5, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Keep your truck drivers safer by offering CoPilot GPS to navigate routes that support the height and weight of your larger vehicles, like roads with higher overpasses. Using CoPilot as a navigation app saves you costs by avoiding toll roads or fines in zones of low emissions. It also gives more accurate ETAs by considering the maximum safe speed of your vehicles.

To add CoPilot GPS to Bringg, purchase a CoPilot license, then contact your Bringg representative to integrate, so drivers can select it as their navigation app


The Driver App now displays dates using the format based on your phone's language settings. For example, July 15, 2022 appears as 07/15/2022 in English (US) and as 15/07/2022 in Spanish.

Driver App v1.27 (Android)

Aug 9, 2022

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The driver app now displays prices using the currency format based on the language settings in your phone. For example, for US Dollars 151767 appears as 151,767.00.

Driver App v1.25 (Android)

June 15, 2022

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Now drivers can log in to Bringg using Google's SSO (Single Sign-On using OpenID connect) on Android and iOS devices. This allows drivers to login quickly using their Google credentials, so they can skip typing in their email and password while keeping their data safe.

Driver App v1.23 (Android)

May 15, 2022

Release Notes Description


You can now choose to automatically select the order type ("Pick Up" or "Drop off") when drivers create new orders in the app. This configuration saves time and reduces errors for drivers who usually create one type of order.


Drivers can now add a 2nd destination to an order with a single destination.

For example, a driver arrived to replace a customer's flat tire, which is a single destination service order, and discovers the reserve tire is missing and therefore they need to tow the vehicle to a garage. The driver can now add the garage destination by selecting "Add Waypoint" in the Driver App, instead of calling the dispatcher to adjust the order.


A driver can indicate that they can't accept orders at the moment, even though they are on shift, by setting themselves as unavailable in the Driver App. For example, the driver may have a flat tire or is assisting another driver with an order. This status temporarily pauses automatic order assignments (by AutoDispatch) and appears in the Bringg Platform so that the dispatcher knows that any order they assign manually to this driver might not begin immediately.

Driver App v1.22 (Android)

May 1, 2022

Release Notes Description


On the Android login page, there is a link to the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy". The privacy link points to our current privacy policy.


When a driver selects the map view, the Driver App zooms in from a view of the globe to a view of the route.

Drivers can now remove this animation to preview a route faster by selecting the toggle next to Map Zoom In Effect in the settings.

Driver App v1.21 (Android)

Mar 28, 2022

Release Notes Description


Drivers who are listed in multiple teams can (upon configuration) select the team they will join for a specific shift. For drivers listed in only one team, they are assigned to a shift automatically.


Drivers can now take pictures with fewer taps and popups, reducing friction and making the handoff process quicker. When drivers reach a stage in the delivery workflow to take a photo, the camera now opens automatically and includes a checkbox option to share with the customer.

Driver App v1.20 (Android)

Mar 7, 2022

Release Notes Description


A driver can now cancel an order which contains action without having to be at the customer's location (was on iOS, now Android as well).


Drivers can work for several organizations or several locations that use Bringg, by joining multiple teams. Each shift the driver logs in to the relevant team. The driver can now see the name of the team they are currently logged in to, the "active team," in the Driver App side menu, allowing them to clearly see that they have logged into the correct account.


To ensure drivers don't miss any canceled orders notification, we added a new configuration "cancel_task_alert_snooze_time_interval_in_seconds" to set the interval between snoozing notifications when an order is canceled. Set the value to the number of seconds between notifications (0 = one notification, no snoozing). In addition, reminders are now easier to identify as drivers see a notification with every reminder, not just a sound.

With that completed, shippers can stop using "irritating_noise_level" for Android only.

Driver App v1.19 (Android)

Feb 10, 2022

Release Notes Description


Allow drivers to reschedule a destination on their route to a different day, not just to a different slot on the same day.


Driver can, once again, take multiple photos under the Take Photo action.

Additionally, pressing the '+' button to take a photo or collect a signature will now open a full screen (rather than a small space within the screen), whether the action is mandatory or optional.

Driver App v1.18 (Android)

Jan 19, 2022

Release Notes Description


Drivers can now work more quickly when they create a new order at a destination, to pick up items ad-hoc. If you enter the customer's external ID, the Driver App now autocompletes all the customer details (name, address, phone number, email and so on).

Driver App v1.17 (Android)

Jan 2, 2022

Release Notes Description


On Android, when drivers create an order from the app and assign a service plan, the app now applies the required actions of the service plan. Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.

Driver App v1.16 (Android)

Dec 21, 2021

Release Notes Description


Drivers can now reorder their "clustered orders" (orders that are not intrinsically related to each other but share a delivery or pickup location) in the Android app, thereby changing their relative priorities. This gives the drivers more flexibility to change their route order (if allowed by configuration).


When a driver completes only some of the mandatory actions in a "clustered order" (different orders which share a delivery or pickup location), the app now prompts you to complete the mandatory actions before you can select "Complete Dropoff".


If an order had several hundred items (like a clustered order containing hundreds of orders inside it), opening the task on the app took 5-10 seconds to load, and showed a black screen. This is now fixed.


If a driver performs a scan which applies to an entire order (not just a single inventory item), the app now displays a notice that the item was successfully scanned.


When orders, which are not intrinsicly related, share dropoff and/or pickup locations, Bringg groups these orders in the Driver app. This creates a cleaner view and allows the driver to perform an action on several orders simultaneously. Previously, if orders shared both a pickup and dropoff location, the dropoff part of the orders were clustered only after the pickup was completed. Now, both the pickup and dropoff are clustered from the beginning. Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.


Drivers can now select "Cancel order" for all the orders inside a "clustered order" (orders that are not intrinsically related to each other but share a delivery or pickup location). Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.

Driver App v1.15 (Android)

November 21, 2021

Release Notes Description


When the customer received a service inside their home, they would sign the Service Plan form, which displayed the service ID, not the name of the service. Now the Android app displays the name of the service.


Until now, drivers were forced to immediately Accept or Reject a newly assigned order, blocking them from using the app until a decision was made. Often they just rejected the order to continue using the app. Now we added a "Not Now" button, which keeps the order as unaccepted, yet visible in a driver's task list, so that later they can open and either accept or reject it.

Note to CSMs: If needed, you can configure an order to be auto-rejected after x minutes, returning it to the auto-dispatch pool (using merchant_configurations.auto_reject_unaccepted_task_after_minutes). Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.


You can now view an order summary for "clustered orders" (orders that are not intrinsically related to each other but share a delivery or pickup location). The order summary is displayed during handoff to the customer, to allow both the driver and the customer to review the summary before submitting. It may include a collected photo, signature, or other customer details.


To improve the driver’s user experience, the Android app now offers a single summary view of several orders that are not intrinsically related to each other (e.g. different consumers, different shippers) but share a delivery or pickup location (aka "clustered orders"). This allows the driver to click on a single button to perform an action on all these orders simultaneously, even if none of them include inventory items. Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.


The Android app now supports creating unique usernames which all point to the same email address, by adding a "+" followed by a suffix of the username. For example: "[email protected]". In fact, the app now supports usernames with characters like #&~!^`{}/=$*?| in the RFC5321 standard. Learn more Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.


Fixed a bug in the Android app that even when the hands-free mode was set to Silent (3), drivers still got reminders to notify consumers about their imminent arrival. Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.


The Android app's Create Order screens now look more like standard fields to be filled.


The Android app now displays a red banner notice when the device's GPS is disabled, similar to the iOS app. Also in Android Driver SDK 1.11.

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