Release Notes: iOS Bringg Driver App
  • 13 Jun 2024
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Release Notes: iOS Bringg Driver App

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The Bringg Driver App for iOS is under constant development and maintenance to improve its features and functionality.Each release includes general updates to fix bugs and improve stability, and some introduce new and improved features.

Driver App v.1.164.0

June 10, 2024

KeyRelease Notes Description

A new checkout flow allows drivers to progress easily through driver actions, automatically starting the next action upon completion of the previous one, rather than selecting actions one at a time.

BRNGG-33567Drivers can now view the Estimated Time on Site (ETOS) for clustered tasks as well and an optional countdown timer that starts on check-in, making it easier to meet time-on-site (TOS) goals and lets them know if they are taking longer than expected.

Driver App v.1.163.0

May 22, 2024

KeyRelease Notes Description

Drivers can now select the check icon to quickly mark all items in an order completed. If any of the inventory items require additional actions, such as checking the recipient's ID, the Driver App automatically alerts the driver to complete the actions before completing the order.

This feature already exists on the Driver App for Android.

Driver App v.1.162.0

April 7, 2024

KeyRelease Notes Description
BRNGG-21406After scanning a package, the Driver App now displays the order's priority within its route so drivers can optimally load their vehicles.
BRNGG-32155The edit inventory button is now hidden for drivers without inventory editing permissions, reducing potential confusion and streamlining the Driver App UI.
BRNGG-32505When a clustered order has a single customer, the Driver App can now display the customer name in the task list, just as it appears on regular orders.

Driver App v.1.161.0

March 7, 2024

- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Driver App v.1.160.0

February 28, 2024

KeyRelease Notes Description
You can now structure your drivers' time more effectively by having them pick up clustered orders before fulfilling any other orders in their route, whether or not the delivery of the clustered orders have lower priority in the route. Contact your Bringg representative to enable this feature for your drivers.
BRNGG-28144The history screen can now display the same customer details that appear in the waypoint screen, including name and contact options. Contact your customer support representative to implement this change.
BRNGG-29201To improve accuracy in reporting mileage, you can now limit drivers to a single active task.
BRNGG-29487You can now configure the driver app to cluster tasks with no `run_id` even if they have different `scheduled_at` values. For example, new orders can be clustered with orders that are already assigned to or even scanned by a driver as long as they are still at the pickup location.

Driver App v.1.159.0

January 10, 2024

KeyRelease Notes Description
BRNGG-3454CoPilot is now supported for iOS. Keep your truck drivers safer by offering CoPilot GPS to navigate routes that support the height and weight of your larger vehicles, like roads with higher overpasses. Using CoPilot as a navigation app saves you costs by avoiding toll roads or fines in low emissions zones. To add CoPilot GPS to Bringg, purchase a CoPilot license, then contact your Bringg representative to integrate so drivers can select it as their navigation app.
BRNGG-26242[iOS] App theming is now available for iOS, allowing you to choose a color theme for icons and buttons in the Driver App. Contact your customer support representative to configure themes.

Driver App v1.158.0 (iOS)

December 17, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
BRNGG-18016The Driver App now remembers personal settings, such as default navigation app and dark mode, allowing for a smoother and more personalized experience when logging back into the app from the same or different device.
BRNGG-24803Drivers can now view the Estimated Time on Site (ETOS) for each stop and an optional countdown timer that starts on check-in, making it easier to meet time-on-site (TOS) goals and letting them know if they are taking longer than expected.
BRNGG-25202The iOS driver app now supports dark mode, reducing the light emitted by device screens to reduce eye strain and improve readability at night.
BRNGG-25252The driver app can now prevent drivers from ending shifts before completing orders with mandatory actions. Selecting End Shift now only closes tasks without incomplete mandatory actions and alerts drivers if there are actions remaining to complete.

Driver App 1.157.0

November 13, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
Drivers can now complete all required actions directly from a clustered order.

Driver App v1.156.0

October 16, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
To protect the privacy of dispatchers, you can now choose to display only their initials or "by Dispatcher" under order notes instead of full names.

Driver App v1.55.0

September 10, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
Drivers can now add scans as a driver action attachment, for example to validate inventory without affecting fulfillment. The scanned barcode can be validated using a regular expression (regex).
Drivers can now view the end time of their past shifts in the History screen.
You can now track inventory on a more granular level by requiring drivers to scan individual product items rather than once per product, regardless of quantity.

Driver App v1.154.0

August 8, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
In keeping with our policy to support the last three iOS versions, the Bringg Driver App now supports iOS 14.x, 15.x and 16.x, running on at least iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. iOS 13 is no longer supported.
To reduce time on-site when managing rejected inventory, parent inventory items are now automatically rejected when all of their subitems are rejected.
When selecting a pending task, drivers now view the incoming order screen, which displays the order details along with options to accept, reject, or snooze the order.

Driver App v1.153.0 (iOS)

June 7, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
The Driver App now supports the Kinyarwanda (rw) language.
Drivers can now adjust which items are delivered or rejected until they complete the order, ensuring the flexibility to complete the order successfully. For example, if a driver marks 5 items as rejected, they can later mark 2 as accepted if the customer changes their mind.
Bringg can now present different order cancelation reasons to the driver depending on whether they arrived at a destination or not, providing more accurate data for you and an improved experience for the driver. For example, the cancelation reason "No one home" will only appear as an option when the driver is at the customer's location.

Driver App v1.152.1 (iOS)

May 4, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
(App2) In some cases drivers are allowed to reorganize the sequence of orders in their route. Now drivers can move clustered orders as well, giving them full flexibility when adjusting the route.

Driver App v1.151.0 (iOS)

April 3, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
Bringg now offers greater visibility and control by requiring your drivers using the Driver App to set the necessary location permissions before beginning a shift.  This ensures better tracking, improving both performance and analytics. If their permissions are not already set properly, drivers using any device will see the permission requirement notification.

Driver App v1.150.0 (iOS)

Feb 21, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description
Bringg now makes it easier for drivers to select the reason for an order's cancellation by displaying the list of reasons in alphabetical order in the Driver App.    


(App2) You can now require drivers to fulfill orders according to the sequence of the route. This aligns functionality with Android. Contact your Bringg representative to enable this setting.    

Driver App v1.149.0 (iOS)

Feb 21, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) Drivers using the Driver App can now change delivery statuses and manage inventory on clustered orders, all in one go. A clustered order contains several distinct orders for different customers with the same destination. This aligns functionality with Android.    

Driver App v1.148.0 (iOS)

January 3, 2023

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) Bringg's Driver App now allows drivers to perform a cluster delivery for a group of unrelated orders which share a delivery destination. For example, if a driver brings several orders of merchandise from a warehouse to a store location, they can perform a single action to confirm their collective delivery.

Driver App v1.147.0 (iOS)

December 25, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


After a fix, the automatic check-in and out triggers, and subsequent reporting, functions correctly.

Driver App v1.146.0 (iOS)

November 22, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Drivers can now perform actions related to starting or ending their shift directly from the Driver App. For example, if a dispatcher requires a signature when the driver begins a shift, the driver will receive a prompt to add it immediately. This aligns functionality with Android.

Driver App v1.145.0 (iOS)

October 11, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Bringg now displays handling units in the Driver App, allowing drivers to understand how many units they need to account for at a glance. For example, a driver can now locate the four pallets indicated in the Driver App and know they collected all the items for delivery on their route.

Driver App v1.143 (iOS)

August 29, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Drivers can now add a second destination to an order with a single destination. For example, a driver arrived to replace a flat tire, which is a single destination service order, and discovers the reserve tire is missing and now needs to tow the vehicle to a garage. The driver can now add the garage destination as a second destination by selecting "Add Waypoint" in the Driver App, instead of calling the dispatcher to adjust the order.


To ensure drivers do not miss any canceled order notifications, we added a new configuration "enable_cancel_task_notification_snoozing" for the notification to reappear when drivers do not confirm they saw that an order is canceled. The interval is fixed to one minute.

Driver App v1.142 (iOS)

July 17, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


When a new order is assigned to a driver, in addition to "Accept" or "Reject", drivers can select "Not Now" to leave the order as unaccepted, drivers see it in their list of orders to tap and decide whether to accept or reject it.

You can set the order to auto-reject after x minutes and return to the AutoDispatch pool (merchant_configurations.auto_reject_unaccepted_task_after_minutes).


The driver app now displays prices using the currency format based on the language settings in your phone. For example, for US Dollars 151767 appears as 151,767.00.

Driver App v1.141 (iOS)

July 7, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) Drivers can now call phone numbers directly from notes in the Driver App, instead of copying and pasting them into the dialer. This way, drivers can easily contact consumers who have a second phone number listed in the order.


(App2) Drivers using App2 can now easily take ownership of an order during handoff, by scanning a barcode/QR code placed on a package. For adhoc orders, drivers can add the goods related to the scanned code to a new order.


(App2) "Driver unavailable" is now supported in iOS App2, along with Android. See the help content for this feature.

Driver App v1.140 (iOS)

Jun 9, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Now drivers can log in to Bringg using Google's SSO (Single Sign-On using OpenID connect) on Android and iOS devices. This allows drivers to login quickly using their Google credentials, so they can skip typing in their email and password while keeping their data safe.


(App2) Now you can persistently notify drivers of new orders until they respond (e.g. accept or reject the assignment). Set reminders as frequently as every 60 seconds. Set the time between each reminder in B-Control > User Configurations > New_Task_Alert_Snooze_Time_Interval_In_Seconds. Also available in Android.

Driver App v1.139 (iOS)

May 1, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) The hands free feature in the Driver App provides automatic check-in and out of home (fulfillment center) and delivery destinations, allowing drivers to focus on their work. After a fix, the check-in and out trigger, and subsequent reporting, functions correctly even if a driver starts multiple orders at once in the Driver App.


In keeping with our policy to support the last three iOS versions, the Bringg Driver App now supports iOS 13.x, 14.x and 15.x, running on at least iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. iOS 12 is no longer supported.


When you edit an order in iOS App2, you can now change the "Scheduled At" field to update the date and time.


(App2) It is now possible to allow drivers who are listed on more than one team to choose which to work with each shift. Alternatively, a dispatcher can start a shift for the driver using the API and select the active team in advance.

Driver App v1.138 (iOS)

Apr 6, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


If you built routes without yet assigning them drivers, drivers can now view and self-assign those routes directly from the iOS driver app (App2). For example, if you plan routes based on particular vehicles rather than drivers. This aligns functionality with Android and App1.

Driver App v1.137 (iOS)

Mar 12, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) When an order has a long description, drivers can now see the whole description in the app, not just the first line.

Driver App v1.136 (iOS)

Mar 1, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


Drivers can now trigger route optimization directly from the iOS driver app (App2), aligning functionality with Android and app1.

Driver App v1.135 (iOS)

Feb 23, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) Drivers can work for several organizations or several locations that use Bringg, by joining multiple teams. Each shift the driver logs in to the relevant team. The driver can now see the name of the team they are currently logged in to, the "active team," in the Driver App side menu, allowing them to clearly see that they have logged into the correct account.


Added functionality to iOS App1 to be the same as App2, where drivers who are listed in multiple teams can (upon configuration) select the team they will join for a specific shift. This feature cannot be used with Delivery Blocks.

Note: If you start the same shift on multiple devices, the second device will not auto-select the active team. To resolve, end the shift on the first device and restart the shift on the second device.

Driver App v1.134 (iOS)

Feb 1, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) Drivers who are listed in multiple teams can (upon configuration) select the team they want to join for a specific shift. This feature can not be used with Delivery Blocks.

Note: If you start the same shift on multiple devices, the second device will not auto-select the active team. To correct this, end the shift on the first device and restart the shift on the second device. Coming soon: Work for multiple teams during a single shift.

Driver App v1.133 (iOS)

Jan 20, 2022

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) The Driver App now displays the name of the route and its start / end times at the top of the list of orders, just like in the Android app. This makes it easier for loaders to find the items for each driver, and for drivers to identify the route assigned to them.


The Driver App now snoozes the notification of a new order according to the interval configured in new_task_alert_snooze_time_interval, which aligns it with the Android app.

Driver App v1.132 (iOS)

Dec 21, 2021

KeyRelease Notes Description


(App2) When drivers leave their home base in hands-free mode, the iOS app can now automatically start the first order on the route, just like the Android app. Set this behavior with user_configuration.automatic_start configuration.

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