What's New February 2024
  • 10 Mar 2024
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What's New February 2024

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Introducing Accelerators: our way to help you go that extra mile to improve your last mile. 

With accelerators, we give you the power to grow the platform as you wish, to suit your unique business needs.

Pick and choose from the menu in the catalog to find the right accelerators to take your business forward.

  • Communicate more precisely with your customers throughout the fulfillment process with Customer Experience: Advanced
  • Bolster your optimization capabilities by adding additional factors to consider in the optimization with Optimization: Advanced.  
  • Mix on-demand orders into pre-planned routes to make sure every order is dispatched quickly and efficiently with Hybrid Optimization.
  • Upgrade your security for maximum protection with Advanced Security.
  • Coming soon: Gain maximum flexibility from your carrier network with a menu of accelerators specifically for Delivery Hub users.

Note:  Your package may already include some Bringg accelerators.  Check View All in your Accelerators page to see which ones you already use.

Learn more.

Coming Soon:

Personal Information (ask Personal Data) Privacy Enhancements

As part of our effort to better serve you and protect your customer data, we will be narrowing the time frame for preserving your customers’ personal information for all completed (“canceled” and “done”) orders from three months to 45 days. This ensures greater privacy and compliance with updated regulations. Retention for Open orders (not completed), including PII, will be extended from three to six months. Anonymized order data (including for completed orders) will remain accessible for analytics and data insights for six months. Stay tuned for further details in the coming months, including the exact date when these changes will take effect. Learn more.

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