A Day in the Life of a Bringg Dispatcher
  • 04 Feb 2024
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A Day in the Life of a Bringg Dispatcher

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For a dispatcher, the Bringg Platform makes your workload lighter by automating most typical dispatch and fulfillment processes, helping you deliver on time with great customer experience scores. Save hours by automatically preparing routes, finding available drivers, vehicles, and carriers.

You can manage by exception and let Bringg do the work, allowing you to make fast, accurate decisions by checking alerts on potential problems before they become larger issues. Bringg presents the information and functionality you need to react.

Use the Bringg Platform to manage the entire order flow and fulfillment process.

A Typical Day

Use Bringg to dispatch planned or on demand orders assigned to your teams.

  1. Bringg can automatically schedule orders with your consumers.
    When consumers add their orders in your web store, Bringg dynamically checks each order's requirements against your delivery capacity and availability, to suggest delivery windows when you can fulfill that order. Your company can offer consumers choices like express shipping, green delivery, Click and Collect options, and so on, all validated in real time by Bringg.
    Automatically offer delivery windows to consumers 
  2. Let Bringg build optimized delivery routes automatically.
    • (on demand orders  only) Bringg's AutoDispatch rapidly creates and assigns routes as your consumers place orders. With AutoDispatch you can automatically batch orders together to create routes, while keeping to very short SLAs.
      Bringg creates on demand routes automatically with AutoDispatch  
    • (Planned orders only) Run Bringg's route optimization to automatically create routes.
      Bringg's route optimization builds efficient delivery routes automatically, taking into account your business requirements and delivery landscape.
      Bringg creates efficient optimized routes  
      Then easily adjust them using the route planner to add, remove or move orders between routes. You can also experiment with moving orders around, and get a quick view of how the changes impact metrics like route duration, distance, stops per hour, and intersections between drivers. Keep the changes when they improve your results.
      Bringg highlights any unassigned orders and presents the routes on a map and timeline, so you get the full picture while preparing routes and guiding drivers on the road. Learn more
      Adjust planned routes with the route planner


  3. Bringg assigns each route to the personnel and equipment needed to fulfill its orders.
    • (Own Fleet only) Bringg automatically assigns each route to a vehicle, trailer and driver with the required training and equipment to fulfill each order.
      Change any of these assignments easily, as Bringg presents a real time list of all available drivers and vehicles with the required skills. Learn more.
      Easily reassign orders to different personnel and equipment


    • (Delivery Hub only) Let Bringg implement your delivery strategy and automatically choose the best carrier (carrier) for each order.
      You can use carriers exclusively, or as a backup for your own fleet during peak hours and holiday seasons. Expand your business by adding new carriers with the carrier catalog. Learn more.
      Choose and automatically manage carriers with Bringg


  4. Your warehouse and store staff can prepare, stage, and handoff goods with Bringg's step by step guides.
    Bringg integrates into your warehouse/store operations and existing systems seamlessly, so you can leverage the routing results in your processes. Bringg can inform your staff where to stage each order, the driver to expect for each handoff, and create labels for each package, based on the route details and assignment.
    Handoff orders to drivers and maintain the chain of custody effortlessly, with quick scan and customized forms in the Bringg Driver App.
    Bringg guides your staff as they prepare, stage, and handoff orders


  5. Keep your finger on the pulse while your orders are on the way, with live tracking and status updates from your drivers and carriers.
    Drivers receive step by step instructions for each delivery in the Bringg Driver App or the carrier's app, including failed attempts and returns, freeing you up to manage by exception. You'll know exactly when to step in to react to changes on the ground, with Bringg's personalized alerts. Learn more.
    Address unique situations by:
    • Communicating with drivers, by sending a notification to the Driver App or leaving a note on an order.
    • Taking action directly in Bringg, like assigning an order to a different driver or carrier. Bringg highlights the relevant, real time information for every action, so you can quickly implement informed decisions.
      Track your deliveries with the Bringg Platform


  6. Manage driver and partners in Bringg, to streamline your fulfillment operations in a single system.
    Onboard new drivers in minutes. Add a new driver in the Bringg Platform with just a few clicks, the step by step guidance in the Driver App does the rest.
    • (Own fleet only) Set up your drivers' schedules using delivery blocks, to combine their availability with your fulfillment needs.
      Enter breaks and work hour caps once, for Bringg to automatically include them in each driver's daily work schedule.
      Produce invoices and calculate tips owed to each driver automatically in Bringg.
      Setup driver schedules in Bringg


    • (Delivery Hub only) Calculate exactly how much you owe each carrier automatically, and check for any possible overcharge.
  7. Create custom reports and dashboards to keep track of your team's performance.
    Build dashboards to showcase your successes and improve your operations


    • Showcase your team's successes, by building reports which display data like the percentage of on time deliveries and average customer ratings. Learn more
    • Improve your operations by finding patterns in your deliveries.
      You may discover that certain sized items are slower to arrive or that deliveries in certain tough parking areas are always late, and refine the ETOS at each of these destinations for better predictability.
      You may learn that a specific carrier operates well in a certain area but in another is consistently late. Use the carrier catalog to find the best carrier for each location.

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