About the Bringg Platform
  • 04 Jul 2023
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About the Bringg Platform

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The Bringg Platform is the leading cloud provider for delivery and fulfillment, helping you scale and optimize your last mile delivery operations and omnichannel customer experiences. With a real-time view of the delivery process, you get the visibility you need to ensure goods and services reach consumers safely, affordably, and on time.

Bringg helps you keep pace with consumers' growing demands by offering them flexible options like express shipping, Click and Collect, green delivery, and the ability to schedule delivery when they choose.

Bringg helps you make fast, accurate decisions by alerting you to potential problems before they become larger issues, and presenting the information needed for you to react. With Bringg, you can fulfill orders efficiently, with more peace of mind, and better consumer satisfaction.

Increase efficiency with optimized routes and AutoDispatch, and keep track of your overall performance with real time report data.

About the Bringg Platform

Bringg at Every Stage of Fulfillment

Bringg accompanies you through every stage of the order and fulfillment process:

The Bringg Platform accompanies the entire order flow and fulfillment process


Step 1: When a consumer purchases your goods or services in your web shop, at checkout they can see each type of delivery you offer, their speed, and see the price for each delivery choice. In the background, Bringg can check in real time for available vehicles and drivers (for Own Fleet ), or check for the best carrier with their prices (if you use the Delivery Hub). Use Bringg to offer specific delivery slots when a consumer can receive goods, and our accurate delivery cost estimate to calculate the consumer's price according to your business policy, all live while the consumer is checking out.

Automatically offer delivery windows to consumers


Step 2: The Bringg Platform at https://app.bringg.comis your one stop shop for dispatchers and ops managers to manage the day to day running and ops planning.

  • For an ops manager, the Bringg Platform automates fulfillment while tracking performance so you can meet SLA and KPI targets (learn more). During setup, you define the flows of each type of order, you can define the alerts to keep orders flowing (learn more), and determine when to contact consumers with live updates of their order (learn more).
  • For a dispatcher, the Bringg Platform makes your workload lighter by automating most typical dispatch and fulfillment processes, helping you deliver on time with great customer experience scores. Save hours by automatically preparing , finding available drivers , vehicles , and carriers .
    You can manage by exception and let Bringg do the work, allowing you to make fast, accurate decisions by checking alerts on potential problems before they become larger issues. Bringg presents the information and functionality you need to react.
    Learn more.

Step 3: As a driver using the Bringg Driver App, you can sign up to a shift and see the orders in your route as a list of destinations and breaks, with contact information for each order, extra notes from the consumer or dispatcher and step-by-step instructions to handoff successfully. The Bringg Platform has already ptimized your route, and you can navigate turn-by-turn with your favorite map app.
Learn more.

Step 4: For consumers receiving their orders, they can see live updates of the status of their order on your branded customer experience page, like the driver's live location, giving an updated modern experience to the fulfillment of your goods. Consumers can also enter their feedback rating directly to you, enabling you to retain their data so you can continue building that relationship. As a fully branded page with your logo, consumers get excellent last mile experiences  from your brand, whether you fulfilled with carriers, your Own Fleet, or Click and Collect.

Communicate with your consumers throughout the delivery flow


Products in the Bringg Platform

Bringg has three products to cater for each last mile solution:

  • Use the Own Fleet product when you have your own drivers and vehicles  which can fulfill your last mile requirements. Your dispatchers can use Bringg to assign the best drivers with the most appropriate vehicles to the most efficient route.
    Learn more.
  • Use the Bringg Delivery Hub to seamlessly connect to the world’s leading carriers while maintaining full visibility and control of your operations and customer experiences. This means that you can easily manage your personalized network of carriers like a natural extension of your own business. With Bringg, your consumers see your brand at every delivery touchpoint, from checkout through to receiving their deliveries on the customer experience page, even when you use carriers. Browse our carrier network spanning hyper-local, parcel, white-glove, big and bulky, and green fleets (to name a few); then choose the provider which fits your needs best.
    Learn more.
  • Use Bringg Click & Collect as an integral part of your omnichannel experience, enabling to collect goods from a designated collection point, like inside a store, on the curbside, or from a secured locker. Click & Collect connects consumers with store associates in real-time to promote efficient store operations leading to exceptional customer collection experiences.

Integrate Bringg to your Enterprise Systems

Your IT integrators can configure the technical integration between Bringg and your other fulfillment systems to enable smooth and automatic fulfillment of orders from consumers. System integrations may include connecting Bringg to the OMS (order management system), ERP (enterprise resource planning), fleet maintenance (TMS) and more. Integrate Bringg into this ecosystem using our APIs, by constructing payloads  and setting up webhooks for real-time updates of orders as they complete their fulfillment.

Learn more in our developer site.

Plan integrations between your systems and the Bringg Platform


You can learn more about the security of the Bringg Platform at bringg.com/trust-center

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