Set Up Customer Notifications with Automations
  • 08 Nov 2023
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Set Up Customer Notifications with Automations

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Article Summary

Set up custom SMS notifications to customer with advanced triggers and tailored conditions, ensuring engaging and informative communication throughout the order flow. For example, send an SMS to customers once you assign their order to a route to inform them of the estimated time of arrival.

You can also also set up SMS notifications with standard triggers and send notifications via email or webhook. Learn more.

Before You Begin

Discuss with your marketing, and design teams to determine the look, content, and timing of your notifications. Ensure that they align with your company's overall branding and communication strategies.

  • Confirm you have a Bringg user of type Admin.
  • For SMS messages, make sure you are coordinated about the timing, content, and cost of sending messages. Also check if or when you want to send richer media as MMS messages.

Sending notifications via SMS incurs additional costs which Bringg passes on to you.

  • Customize your Bringg consumer page to brand it with the appropriate look and feel you wish to use in communicating with your customers.


Step 1: Select the automation scope, trigger, and conditions to define the circumstances when the the action should take place. Learn more.

Step 2: To set up an SMS notification, select Then do this > Send notification to customer as the automation action.

Choose to send an SMS notification as the action


Step 3: Enter the notification content.

Select variables to include dynamic text in your notifications. For example, you can include each customer's name and address in the SMS.

Create the notification content with free text and variables




Customer name

Inserts the customer's full name.

Customer's first name

Inserts only the customer's first name.

Delivery address

Inserts the address of the destination. Depending on what details you collect, this may include only the house number and street name, or it may also include city, state, zip code, and so on.

Driver name

Inserts the driver's name.

Job description

Inserts the free text you entered as the driver's title. You can use this to mention the type of delivery personnel (e.g. driver or biker) or the name of the carrier fulfilling the order.


Inserts the name of your company or instance in Bringg.

Order ID

Inserts your ID for the order.

Order title

Inserts the title of the order. This is sometimes used to insert the name of the item purchased.

Team description

Inserts the free text you entered as the team description.

Time window

Inserts the time window. Before using this variable, check if you opted to Keep time window fixed on share.

Way point's customer's name

Inserts the name of the contact associated with the order's destination. For example, if a customer is sending someone a gift, this could be the gift recipient's name.

Step 4: Include links to your in the notification, to provide customers with additional information or the ability to complete an action, by selecting Links then choosing a type of link.

For example, link to the Bringg customer page page that displays the driver's location and ETA so the customer can know exactly when their delivery arrives.

Include links to additional information and actions




Schedule link

(planned orders only) Links to a webpage where the customer chooses their preferred time slot. For example, the customer can choose to receive the delivery today between 8AM-12PM.

Schedule ready link

(Planned orders only) Links to a webpage that shows the customer when they can expect their delivery, which usually is a shorter time period then the time slot they selected. Usually, the more exact time window is set once the order is added to a route. For example, notify the customer to expect their delivery between 11AM-12PM, which falls within the commitment to deliver between 8AM-12PM.

Pickup link

(Click and Collect only) Links to a webpage that guides the customer through the click & collect process. For example, the webpage indicates to the user when their order is ready and let's them notify your staff when they arrive to collect it.

Tracking link

Links to a webpage that allows the customer to view the driver's location and ETA.

Step 5: (Optional) Set up the notification in multiple languages by selecting + and the language. Then select the tab of each language and enter the notification content as detailed in this article.

Contact your Bringg customer service representative to map the language for each team or customer, so that each customer receives notifications in the correct language.

Choose the languages of the notification


Step 6: To save and activate, select Create Automation or Save Changes.

Save your automation


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