Set Up Skills
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Set Up Skills

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Set up skills in Bringg to automatically assign orders to routes with the right drivers and vehicles  that have the capabilities necessary to fulfill them. For example, when delivering groceries you can set up a refrigerated skill that applies to all perishable orders so that route optimization and AutoDispatch automatically assign these orders to the vehicles that also have the refrigerated skill.

Set up skills to automatically match a driver, vehicle, and order in a route 

Before You Begin

  • Contact your Bringg customer service representative to enable skills in the Bringg Platform.
  • Confirm you have a Bringg user of type Admin.
  • Consider the kind of skills your drivers and vehicles need to fulfill orders. Then, for each requirement, choose a specific term that denotes the skill to apply to drivers, vehicles, and orders. For example, flammable could require reinforced vehicles and safety training for drivers, while a location based skill like security clearance could require a driver with security clearance to deliver goods to army bases.


Step 1: Go to Settings > Merchant Configuration > Skills and select Create to enter a skill, then select Save.

Create a new skill


Step 2: To assign skills to drivers :

  1. Go to Drivers and select the driver's name, then scroll down and select Edit Driver.
  2. Enter one or more skills or select from the list.
  3. Select Save.
Assign skills to a driver


You can also assign skills when adding a new driver. Learn more.

Skills can contain spaces and alphanumeric characters. We recommend using lowercase, as Bringg uses case-sensitive matching to connect skills between orders, drivers, and vehicles.

Step 3: To assign skills to vehicles:

  1. Go to Drivers > Teams and select the vehicle's team name, then go to the Vehicles tab and select a vehicle to update.
    Select a vehicle to assign a skill


  2. Select Edit and enter one or more skills or select from the list.
    Assign skills to a vehicle


  3. Select Save.

Step 4: Contact your IT integrator to set the skills required to fulfill each order. Learn more (coming soon).

Step 5: (Optional) Contact your Bringg customer service representative to create user roles that group a number of skills together.


Dispatchers can quickly assign skills to a driver by assigning them a user role. Learn more.

For example, if each shift a dispatcher chooses a few drivers to handle local deliveries while the rest deliver to further destinations, you can assign a skill called local to orders in your zip code and to a user role.

This requires assigning the dispatcher permission to change user roles.

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