What's New January 2024
  • 12 Feb 2024
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What's New January 2024

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Next-Level Efficiency

As we kick off the new year, we are thrilled to share some game-changing new feature enhancements that will help you work faster, and get better results.

Save and Switch Preset Views

No more wading through order info you don’t need to see. Introducing preset views in Dispatch and Planning, allowing you and your team members to determine what they see when, with saveable filters and column settings. 

For example, set a “Morning Shift” view that displays only the orders whose time windows are between 7am-12pm or an “Urgent” view that displays only VIP orders that are also late.  

Route Insights Unleashed!

Is planning routes making you want to plan your retirement? Details can be overwhelming, and it’s not always clear how changes will impact efficiency.

Enter Bringg’s comparison of route KPIs in the route planner to help you stay on track. Experiment with moving orders around, and get a quick view of how the changes impact metrics like route duration, distance, stops per hour, and intersections between drivers. Keep the changes when they improve your results! 

No Stress Updates to Delivery Slots

Your team usually works til 6pm.  But for a holiday week, you want to let them go home early. That means changing any delivery slot that extends past 3pm.  Easily update or remove delivery slots several at a time by multiselecting them, and then taking the necessary action. Change timing, applicable service areas, and so on. Learn more.

Meet Rush Hour Head-On  

Traffic isn’t always predictable, but it often is. So why risk your drivers arriving late because you ignored predictable congestion? Instead, estimate the percent of added time to a route due to anticipated traffic in your service areas with customizable traffic variables by day and time. Learn more.

Secured Onboarding

Your security is our top priority. With this in mind, we have upgraded our password regulations to a complex password policy.


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Deprecation of Route/Driver Metrics in Dispatch

.In an effort to streamline the Bringg platform and make it as lean as possible, we will be deprecating the legacy route/driver metrics indicator from the web dispatch screen as of February 10, 2024.  This will not impact any other functionality. 

Personal Information (ask Personal Data) Privacy Enhancements

As part of our effort to better serve you and protect your customer data, we will be narrowing the time frame for preserving your customers’ personal information for all completed (“canceled” and “done”) orders from three months to 45 days. This ensures greater privacy and compliance with updated regulations. Retention for Open orders (not completed), including PII, will be extended from three to six months. Anonymized order data (including for completed orders) will remain accessible for analytics and data insights for six months. Stay tuned for further details in the coming months, including the exact date when these changes will take effect. Learn more.

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