Take a Break During My Shift
  • 15 Apr 2024
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Take a Break During My Shift

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Your dispatcher sets breaks in your schedule, which is designed to make sure you can deliver every order on time. Start and end your breaks in the Driver App so that your dispatcher can plan the deliveries and communicate the arrival times properly.

You can also take unexpected breaks with the Driver App, for a quick personal break or when dealing with another task, like changing a flat tire.


Do not use silent, do not disturb (DND), or airplane mode on your phone to take a break, as Bringg and your dispatcher may continue assigning orders to you instead of other available drivers, causing orders to accumulate and arrive late unnecessarily.

When you take a break using the Driver App, it notifies your dispatcher of your break. However, they can still override the system and assign orders to you while you are on break, as they may receive an order with a destination near you that you can begin after your break.

Before You Begin

Confirm you have reliable communication with your dispatcher and consumers. Some tips:

  • Use the recommended permissions and settings on your device. Learn more about staying connected with the Driver App.

  • Maintain high battery levels on your device throughout your workday.
    Avoid turning on low power mode or using your device with less than 20% charge, as these can inhibit some of the Driver App's functionalities.

  • Keep wifi and Bluetooth switched on to keep consumers and dispatchers updated about your location.


The Driver App is designed to be resilient to poor internet connectivity and much of the functionality is available without a reliable cellular or wireless data connection, meaning you can continue with your current assignments even while offline. However, the app must be online intermittently to receive accurate updates, including new order assignments.

If you see the No Internet Connection banner on your device, try to restore connectivity and go to an area with better reception.

Make sure your Driver App is not offline.



Step 1: Open the Bringg Driver App and select thethree horizontal lines on a blue backgroundicon to open the menu.

Step 2: Start your break.


Do this...

Take a scheduled break.

Your scheduled breaks appear along with your order list on the main screen of the Driver App. You may need to select Start Break on the main screen or in the menu of the Driver App to begin your break, or Bringg may start your break automatically.

Start a scheduled break


While on break, your name and status appear in orange in the Bringg Platform so that your dispatcher knows you are not available.

Take an unplanned break to deal with unexpected tasks, like changing a flat tire or assisting another driver.


Take a quick, personal break. For example, a short coffee break between deliveries.

Turn the Available toggle to off in the Driver App menu. While unavailable, Bringg does not assign new orders to you.

Your dispatcher can see you are not available, but don't forget to tell them why and for how long you expect to be unavailable.

You can continue working on any existing orders while in unavailable mode, so you can finish any orders you began before dealing with the unexpected event.

Avoid new order assignments while dealing with unexpected tasks


Take a minute or two to review an incoming order before accepting, or to finish a previous order.

Snooze new orders by selecting Not Now on a new order assignment popup.

Unless the snoozed order is assigned to another driver before you return to it, it will remain in your list of assignments until you are ready to begin.

Snooze new order assignments if you need a minute



  • Do not reject orders when you need a break. Bringg and your dispatcher may continue assigning orders to you while you are busy with something else, even the same ones you rejected. Only select Reject on orders that you do not want to fulfill at all.

  • Do not use Not Now for longer breaks as your dispatcher may continue assigning orders to you instead of to other available drivers, causing these orders to pile up and arrive late unnecessarily.

Return from a break when a you ready to continue working.

Navigate to the menu and select End break or the Available toggle or go to your list of orders to begin an order you snoozed.


Do not end your shift to take a break as this completely removes you from communication with Bringg and may count against your working hours and compensation.

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