Add a Driver
  • 07 Jan 2024
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Add a Driver

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You can add new drivers to Bringg by entering their contact details, assigning them to teams, and selecting skills , user roles, and a default vehicle type for each driver.

After you set up new Drivers, they can log in to the Bringg Platform using the prompt they receive to set up an initial password, or enter via SSO, or a QR code.

Before You Begin

Verify the details for any new drivers you want to add. This includes:

  • Driver's license details
  • Contact information in case you need to call while they are en route.
  • Skills which enable them to fulfill different types of orders, or use specific types of vehicles.
  • Default vehicle type for each driver.


Step 1: Select Drivers > Add Driver to add a new driver to Bringg.

Open the Add New Driver screen


Step 2: Enter the driver's details.

Select Show advanced fields to see all fields.




(Required) Enter user's full name.


(Required for drivers only if Email is empty) Enter user's mobile phone number. Drivers can sign in to the Driver App. with this phone number or their email address, Select first from a predefined list of country codes, then enter area code and phone number. Hyphens and parentheses are permitted but not required.


(Required if Phone is empty.) Enter an email address which can serve as the username for signing in to the Driver App (either their phone number or with this email address) to set their initial password, with an 8-character minimum requirement.

Home Address

Enter the user's home address for your reference. In some companies, a driver's shift/route begins when they leave home.


Select the teams which you want to assign to this user. Learn more.

Employee ID

Enter a user's license number or employee ID. This helps you distinguish users from one another and offers another way to search them in the system.

User Role Options

Choose the potential user roles available to this driver. Leave this empty if you want to use the default potential roles defined for your company.

User role

Select the role currently applicable to the driver from the list of potential user roles defined in User Role Options. A driver can only have one user role assignment at a time.


Select the skills associated with this driver. Skills may include the the driver is licensed to drive, certifications, and so on.

Default Transport Type

Select the typical mode of transport, to allow Bringg to prioritize assigning certain types of orders to this driver.


Select the organization the user works for, if they are not employed by you directly. For example, contracted dispatchers and their drivers have their own company in Bringg.

Job description

Add information about the user's specific responsibilities.

Step 3: Click Save and Create New if you wish to add additional drivers, or Create Driver if you have no further drivers to add at this time.

Complete the entry of a driver


Step 4: Once you have added drivers to Bringg, instruct them to download the Bringg Driver App.

If you entered a phone number, the driver automatically receives an SMS with the link to download the Driver App.

They then receive an automatic prompt to set their initial password.

After signing in to the Driver App for the first time, the driver receives another SMS with a verification code, which they must enter to complete the login 

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