What's New April 2024
  • 13 May 2024
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What's New April 2024

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Delivery Made Simple

Your operation is only as good as your least efficient driver. So this month, we are helping you by helping them. Enjoy our new collection of tools that make delivery easier for drivers as well as for you.

Help Drivers from Afar

One driver’s phone battery died mid-route, while another is struggling to complete the required actions. 

Every technical delay costs drivers time, and you money. Now you can act on a driver's behalf by fulfilling orders remotely no matter the order flow. Perform actions, and add services, stops, and costs as needed. Learn more.

Help Drivers from Up Close

Do you have orders requiring complex assembly or installation? Now you can use custom actions to pair drivers with a delivery assistant and help them quickly complete orders that would benefit from an extra pair of hands.

Contact your Bringg representative to check eligibility for early adoption. Learn more.

Save Driver Settings... and Driver Headaches

Now you can ensure a uniform experience for your drivers by maintaining their app settings across devices and sessions. This upgrade boosts efficiency and reduces the need for repeated adjustments.

Rev Up Your Delivery with Robo Carriers

Did you know? Bringg’s Delivery Hub can now help you up your delivery game thanks to integrations with autonomous delivery robot carriers for quicker, more reliable service that aligns with the demands of modern logistics. Interested in growing your carrier network? Learn more.

Important Update re Customer Types

As previously announced, you can now manage your customer records more easily by choosing a type of customer location like warehouse, store, locker, or distribution hub to ensure more precise tracking, whether the order leg involves a pick up or a delivery. Learn more.

Please note: The default types (or "kinds") for orders with one or two stops (waypoints) will roll out widely June 1, 2024. 

Make sure to contact your Bringg representative ahead of time to learn more and find out if the default settings apply to you, as designated

This is important as the designated customer types affect future personal data preservation. Stay tuned for further updates regarding personal data.

Update to Order Inventories Object

The inventory_change_details object is now only populated when there are rejected inventory items to report. If no rejections occur, the object is included as an empty array. 

To ensure seamless integration, we recommend updating your systems to effectively handle empty arrays in API responses and webhooks.  Learn more.

The task_inventories object can be sent to Bringg as part of the Create Order (Task) and can be included in any flexible webhook so you can stay updated on the inventory associated with your orders. Learn more.

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